Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Skilled Mercury-Free Dentistry in Fort Myers

If you're looking for a compassionate mercury-free dentist, Fort Myers Laser Dentistry is the place for you. We pair years of restorative experience with a commitment to protecting your well-being to give you the dental care you deserve without compromising on safety. You can trust our friendly dental team whether you need a porcelain crown or removing amalgam fillings.

Our practice has provided mercury-free dentistry to Fort Myers and its surrounding communities for years. We serve patients from all walks of life and can begin treating them as early as three years old. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!


3 Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-free dentistry is an excellent option if you're concerned about the dangers of harmful chemicals found in amalgam. Although not heavily used today compared to the past, amalgam is still a common material used to fill cavities. It's composed of various metals, including mercury, which helps harden the material quickly.

Our dental team uses alternatives to amalgam for effective dental restorations while respecting your overall well-being and comfort. Benefits of mercury-free dentistry include, but are not limited to:

  1. Fostering a Safe Dental Experience: Mercury exposure can lead to neurological and health problems for you and our dental staff. By doing away with mercury altogether, we can prevent potential health complications from occurring.
  2. Preventing Pregnancy Complications: What a pregnant mom eats and drinks can affect her baby. Though uncommon, it is possible for amalgam fillings to lead to developmental problems, including perinatal death.
  3. Creating More Natural Smiles: Amalgam isn't the color of your natural teeth and can stand out against your smile. By replacing amalgam, your fillings blend in with your natural teeth for a seamless appearance.

Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Fort Myers mercury free dentistIt can be challenging to find a dental office with the experience and skills to remove your amalgam fillings. At Fort Myers Laser Dentistry, we've spent years safely removing amalgam fillings and replacing them with durable, non-toxic alternatives. Our staff understands how to extract the amalgam material from your smile without causing the release of harmful mercury vapor.

A crucial component of amalgam removal is our use of ozone therapy. By administering ozone gas during treatment, we can sterilize your smile while promoting faster healing. If you have any questions about our use of ozone therapy, we're more than happy to answer them.

Nontoxic biocompatible materials for restorations

Our Fort Myers mercury-free dentist is proud to provide extensive restorative options to improve the beauty and functionality of your smile. Depending on your unique needs, we offer various restorative options, including:

Crowns: Our practice offers high-quality porcelain crowns if you require single tooth restoration. Unlike traditional porcelain material, we use eMax porcelain which pairs the durability of traditional porcelain with increased biocompatibility.

Fillings: Although your tooth is durable, it's susceptible to dental complications like cavities. If your cavity has formed in your tooth's crown base, we offer natural-colored tooth fillings. By placing a tooth filling, we can help restore its functionality and protect against dental decay.

Mercury-Free Dentistry FAQs

It's normal to have questions about mercury-free dentistry. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide you with crucial peace of mind. Some frequently asked questions about mercury-free dentistry include:

Is amalgam removal safe?

Yes. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology, including ozone therapy, to ensure your safety during amalgam removal. The ozone helps kill and neutralize any bacteria during the procedure. We'll also contain any mercury vapor and particles.

Some of the health complications resulting from mercury include headaches, weight loss, eye irritation, and chest pain.

There are various groups at risk of developing health problems from mercury, including nursing mothers, children under six, and people with kidney disorders.

Your Trusted Fort Myers Mercury-Free Dentist

At Fort Myers Laser Dentistry, we're proud to offer excellent mercury-free dentistry. You can trust our office to meet your restorative needs, including crowns and fillings. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get a more natural smile. Contact us today to schedule your next visit with our Fort Myers mercury-free dentist!