Laser Dentistry

Professional Laser Dentistry in Fort Myers

Professional Laser Dentistry in Fort MyersLaser dentistry is a highly effective alternative to the traditional dental experience. Lasers can give dentists more control during the procedures and help minimize complications, maximize comfort, and shorten treatment times. At Fort Myers Laser Dentistry, we provide laser dentistry to deliver quality treatment for all our patients. Our dentists have extensive training and experience in laser dentistry and can effectively apply this new technique to protect and treat your smile.

Lasers can now aid many dental treatments, including tooth restoration, periodontal surgery, and cavity removal. We can evaluate your oral health and determine whether laser dentistry would be beneficial for you. If you want to learn more about laser dental services and how they can help you, call our office today to set up your initial consultation.


What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an innovative tool in dentistry that uses focused light beams to reshape or remove hard and soft tissue during restorative dental treatments, activate bleaching agents during teeth whitening procedures, and cure bonding agents. In addition, laser treatments can eliminate or reduce the need for more traditional tools, which can help you feel more at ease during treatment.

At Fort Myers Laser Dentistry, our dentists have completed training that makes them qualified to perform laser procedures. They have a detailed understanding of how laser technology works, how it can be used safely, and how to select the right lasers and wavelengths for various dental procedures. You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands if you choose laser dental treatments from our experienced dentists.

What Dental Issues Can Be Treated With Laser Dentistry?

Today, many restorative treatments and cosmetic dental procedures can incorporate lasers. Our laser dentists in Fort Myers provide laser treatment for a wide range of treatments, and we will discuss these options during your initial consultation. In addition, we will offer a choice between laser dentistry and a conventional approach. Our dentists use laser dental services to treat the following conditions:

Gum Disease Treatment: Inflamed or diseased gum tissues can be treated with minimal effect on your healthy tissues. Laser treatment can also eliminate pockets of bacterial infection to help your gums heal.

Reshaping Soft Tissue: Dental lasers can remove or reshape soft tissues to expose more of the natural tooth and remove uncomfortable tissue folds caused by denture wear. For those who want to enhance the appearance of their smile, laser dentistry can transform the gum line with comfort and precision, resulting in better aesthetics and shorter recovery time.

Benefits of Using Dental Laser Treatments

There are many benefits of using laser technology in restorative and cosmetic treatments. Our dentists will explain the pros and cons of laser treatments to help you make an informed decision. Dental lasers work by emitting strong beams of light that can reshape or remove tissue. These light beams also seal the wound simultaneously. As a result, the nerve endings are also sealed, reducing pain sensation. That means that procedures using dental lasers may not need dental sedation or anesthetics.

With dental lasers, less bleeding that occurs during soft tissue procedures. In addition, the treated areas tend to heal much faster. The instant blood clotting initiates and speeds up the body's natural healing response. With Fort Myers laser dentistry, patients can avoid stitches and anesthesia. In addition, dental lasers can also help to:

  • Shorten the treatment and recovery time
  • Reduce risk of infection
  • Minimize swelling and bleeding during surgery
  • Reduce scarring of the surrounding tissues
  • Reduce anxiety and discomfort
  • Guide tissue regeneration

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Yes, laser dentistry is safe for a variety of uses. Our dentists have gone through extensive training and performed numerous laser dental procedures, and we can put our expertise and experience toward helping you protect your smile. We'll conduct a thorough evaluation of your smile to determine if there's any reason why laser dentistry might not be the right choice for you before we recommend treatment.

Discover How Laser Dentistry Could Benefit Your Smile

Dental Laser treatments have been used to treat diverse dental conditions affecting the bones, teeth, and gums. At Fort Myers Laser Dentistry, we provide dental laser treatments to patients in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. We have invested in innovative laser dental technology to provide quality treatment and a positive experience for all our patients. Call our office to learn how our laser dental services can help you!


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