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Is sedation dentisry for me?

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Laser Dentistry has a treatment philosophy that is geared toward preventing future dental problems. We treat patients of all ages and offer a broad range of treatment plans, ranging from the most basic to the state of the art. 

We understand the importance of providing treatment to our patients in the most comfortable, stress-free manner. Adults and children enjoy nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to have a relaxing appointment.
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Welcome to Laser Dentistry!

E-mail us with any questions or call Terry at 239-936-5442 to schedule an appointment 

Saturday and evening hours available.

Laser Gum Treatment with the PerioLase®.

CEREC Cad Cam 1 visit ceramic restorations and crowns

Waterlase Cavity Removal 

Porcelain Veneers     

Lip and Tongue Tie Revisions

Invisalign invisable Braces
Mercury removal - holistic dental care

Cosmetic Bonding

Complete Dental Makeovers

Sedation Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

WAND Computerized Anesthesia

Laser Cleanings

​Ozone treatments for decay