Who has time for anything else?

My name is Bethany and I am an actual invisalign patient.  I decided to finish my 

orthodontics in invisalign after wearing metal braces for a while.  The metal 

braces were moving my teeth just fine but I was unhappy with how they looked.  

When I switched to the clear braces they were nearly invisible and I can't 

remember anyone even noticing them. I began to smile all the time!

Invisalign is much more comfortable and with my love of sports they fit right into
my active lifestyle.  The nice thing is that they are removable and you can take 

them out yourself.  My gums looked so much better with the removable aligners 

because I could brush and floss easily.  But the absolute best thing is that I was 

given teeth whitening gel to wear in my aligners, so my teeth got straight and 

white at the same time.

I am wearing invisalign vivera retainers now and am so happy with my smile. The 

vivera retainers are also absolutely clear and comfortable. With vivera I get a 

fresh set delivered  to me every three months. 

Invisalign is a great system and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a  

more attractive smile and is considering braces.

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