Snap-on smile
Snap-on smile
If you need a smile make over but are unsure of what a new smile would look like, Snap-on smile is the answer. You can wear this appliance to see what a full-mouth reconstruction or implants could do for you.

Snap-on smile is also a good choice while saving up for treatment but have a need to wear something over the offending teeth in the meantime. It can replace missing teeth while waiting for replacements, or during healing periods.

Snap-on smile covers over the damaged teeth that are crooked, stained or broken. Snap-on smile  transforms your smile and the process is quick and painless. Impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory and in about two weeks your appliance will arrive. 

Snap it in and wear it to that special occasion.
Snap-on smile is the solution for instant teeth and smiles.