Straight teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile.

Our dentists uses the MTM short term orthodontic system to straighten your teeth in 4-9 months, with 6 months being the average. This system is aimed at treating the cosmetic zone, the teeth that show when you smile, not the middle or back teeth.  

MTM uses nearly invisible aligners and a short treatment duration to move your 

The goal of MTM is to focus on your front teeth.  Your bite is not dramatically 
changed like in traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment and is not 
intended as a substitute.  While traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment 
can take  two years or more, MTM can be accomplished in this short time period 
because it does not focus on back teeth or the bite.  

Patients will appreciate not only how quickly they will have straight teeth and
a more attractive smile, but also that the cost is less than comprehensive 

Invisible retainers are made at the end of treatment and complimentary teeth whitening gel is included.  

Straight teeth make it easier to keep your gums healthy because teeth that 
are not overlapped, rotated or crowded are easier to clean.

Dr. Corke also recommends an MTM consultation if you are thinking about getting 
crowns or veneers to "straighten" your teeth.  Crowns and the type of veneers needed to give the appearance of straight teeth are always more invasive and costly.  If further cosmetic work is needed after orthodontics is complete, Dr. Corke can usually treat your teeth with less invasive alternatives such as  bonding or the new ultra thin veneers.  

We invite you to call our office to set up an appointment and see if MTM will work 
for you.

   MTM (minor tooth movement)